Monday, August 21, 2017

Dean Carnegie, The Magic Detective & Steampunk Illusionist

In the past, I have written about my friend Dean Carnegie, known professionally as The Magic Detective, based upon his fascinating and popular blog of the same name, as well as "Carnegie, Artist of Mystery," and "The Steampunk Illusionist," his stage monikers.   Dean has proven to be most helpful in supporting our efforts on this blog as well as assisting me develop some magic effects.  A few months ago, he shared this fine card featuring Dean along with his charming and thoughtful stage assistant Denise.

Dean's website provides the following biography, capturing only some of his many accomplishments:

"Dean Carnegie is a professional magical entertainer, artist(painter), author and historian. His various interests in art, literature, and history all seem to find their way into his programs. As a professional magician, Dean travels all over the U.S. and abroad demonstrating and sharing his magic. He is the creator/producer of several different shows including Carnegie-Artist of Mystery and The Steampunk Illusionist. He also develops custom presentations for corporate events and shopping malls.
"As an artist, his work generally involves the theme of magic. His paintings of magicians have been featured on the covers of magazines, on TV and in books. Carnegie’s artwork is done primarily in acrylics. Some examples of his artwork can be seen at
"Dean is the author of two books on escapology for magicians and is finishing up his first children’s book. He has a book on the famous magician Harry Houdini in the works. The Magic Detective which is all about the history of magic.
Finally, he is the creator and writer for the very popular blog
When not writing, painting or performing, Dean Carnegie is usually developing new material for his shows. Being an avid magic history fan, he constantly delves through 100+ year old books to find old world magic and then figures out how to make those old effects new again. In some cases, like with his Steampunk Illusionist Show, those old effects are presented just the way there were a century ago. Old mysteries for new audiences is a perfect combination."

His enchanting promotional piece is sized and styled like a Victorian-era cabinet card, finely suited to his persona.  The reverse features a charming optical illusion.  And though it's printed on fairly thin, photo paper stock, Dean advises that, on suitable occasions, he employs this piece as a throwout card, aerially distributing it to eager spectators.

Many thanks to Dean for sharing this fine collectible.

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  1. Thanks so much! Such an honor to be listed among so many historical magicians!