Saturday, December 24, 2016

Alexander Herrmann

Alexander Herrmann (1844 – 1896) joined the family in the profession of magic. Under the tutelage of brother Carl, Alexander honed his skills. He arrived in the United States in 1860 and in 1862, Alexander started his avocation of magic as a career.

Carl, Alexander, and Leon Herrmann

From 1862 to his death, Herrmann astounded his audiences with magic and illusion. Along the way, he had assistance with his magic. A young magician joined the troupe by the name of William Ellsworth Robinson. Robinson not only participated in the show, but also stepped in as the master when he was partaking in a favorite pastime, horse racing. The newspapers once mentioned that Herrmann was quite a magician. He was seen at the track at the same time he was performing on stage.
Alexander Herrmann passed away in December 1896. Herrmann's nephew, Leon Herrmann stepped joined the tour, but only lasted three seasons. In January of 1897, Herrmann’s wife Adelaide was said to have mentioned the reason for her husband’s heart attack was because of his ceaseless use of cigarettes.

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