Sunday, December 18, 2016

Howard Thurston

Howard Thurston (July 1869 – April 13, 1936) From his youth to his death, Thurston continued to achieve notoriety using his wit and innate ability to charm those around him. Over his lifetime, he crossed paths with some of the most noted performers in magic.
He joined forces with Harry Kellar, he nurtured a young performer named Harry August Jansen, and enlisted a worthy contender by the name of Raymond S. Sugden. He saw in both Jansen and Sugden a way to promote his name, but in doing it he lost, not only in fame, but it recognition. Both performers received praise and notoriety independently. At the end of his career, all Thurston achieved in his lifetime was lost by futile investments and owing taxes in both his own home state and the U.S. Government.
A rare photo of Howard as he performs a card trick for Jane

And here is another Thurston card advertising Miller Tires on the back. 

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