Saturday, June 17, 2017

Frederic Elmore

The card used was Bicycle series Wheel No. 2 back made by USPC

Being known as Frederic Elmore  – “The Krazy Knut with the Chicken” must start your day off with a slight set back, but apparently for Frederic, he took it in stride. Frederic started performing at an early age and traveled from his home base in Massachusetts to work in clubs, schools, churches, and other small venues. He worked in the Lyceum and Chautauqua circuits, as well as on the vaudeville stages. 

In the mid-1920’s, he joined Thomas Elmore Lucey. Thomas was known as "Poet-Entertainer of the Ozarks." They created a partnership that complimented each other’s profession. Lucey was an actor who could perform nearly everything from comedy to drama. He was also an author. 

Together, they were able to balance out each other’s forte. The partnership was short-lived, and they went their separate ways before the end of the decade. At the latter portion of Elmore’s life, he traveled between New England and Florida working as what was known back then as a “society entertainer”.
          Frederic was a member in good standing in the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He held membership number 2530. He was a likable fellow to meet by all accounts and he would be at your side to help you get through a problem with an idea or support you when you needed a friend in magic. He passed away in Tampa, Florida, in 1936.

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