Sunday, July 2, 2017

Gene Gordon

Gordon Eugene Avery was born October 15, 1903 in Albany New York. He used the name “Gene Gordon” from the age of seven. The family moved to Lyons, New York, where Gene started his first magic club, the Wayne Wizards' Association. In the 1920’s, he worked the school circuit, assemblies, theaters, and special events. 

One the numerous performances Gene had in 1927.

Also, in the 1920’s Gene got together with Len Vintus and recruited Ernie Schieldge to create the International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Linking Ring. In the 1930’s, you would have found Gene on the cruise ship circuit.

The back design of this card is the Bicycle's Cupid #21.

The back design of this card is the Bicycle's Nautic #55.

In 1933, he married Ruth Harrison, and then in 1945, opened Gordon’s Magic Shop in Buffalo and ran the shop for twenty-five years. He produced a number of fine effects that are still being used today (and will be for many years in the future). Some of the effects include Hen Fetsch’s “Mental Epic,” Carver’s “Professor’s Nightmare,” Hauger’s “Bolt of Lightning,” and Bill Paul’s “Fraidy Cat Rabbit. When he retired he sold the shop to Karl Norman. He also marketed and invented several effects with his friend Hen Fetsch.

The back design of this card is the Bicycle's Rider #63.

In between running the shop in the 1960’s, Gene wrote a monthly column “Patter and Presentation” for Tops magazine. Read almost anything from Gene Gordon and you will find he was more than am inventor and magician. He was a storyteller, and someone you would have called “friend.” There’s a list of magic organizations Gene started including Wayne Wizards' Association, Iowa Association of Magicians, the Rochester Society of Magicians, Piff Paff Poof with Bob Weill, and the Magicians Alliance of Western New York. He was also a charter member and second President of the Magic Dealers Association. After Gene retired, he and Ruth moved Geneva, New York. He kept active with magic and his friends. If you ever met Gene, you would have found you had a friend for life. He was always there to help or participate. He passed away September 6, 1994, in Geneva, New York at ninety years old.

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