Sunday, August 6, 2017

About our Pinterest Page

Because Blogger does not offer a gallery function -- a feature which would display all of the wonderful images on these pages in one spot -- I have been maintaining a parallel Pinterest page which captures many of the cards we feature in various posts, along with a few other throwing card featured around the web.  It looks like this:

As you can see from this excerpt, the Pinterest page displays scores of the cards you'll find on Propelled Pasteboards in one location.  Clicking on the images will generally bring the viewer to the associated post on this site.   There are currently 180 "pins" on the page, and more are added regularly.  So if you're interested in seeing the best magicians' throwing card collection anywhere on the web, please visit the Magicians' Throwing Cards Pinterest Page, sponsored by your friends at Propelled Pasteboards.

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