Monday, October 16, 2017

Howard Thurston on a Bicycle!

We have, elsewhere on this site, sung the praises of Howard Thurston's beautiful throwout cards, some of the most fabulous ever made.  Indeed, one of the hallmarks of his cards are the interesting things advertised on the reverse side, either by attracting sponsors (such as Wrigley's Gum or Miller Tires) or, even more interestingly, his promotion of his own acts or odd speculative investments and inventions (like the "Perfect Sleep" anti-snoring device).

Bicycle Expert Back
In other posts, we have examined the intersection of magician's promotional cards with the massive advertising campaign aimed at drawing attention to gorgeous card backs manufactured by U.S. Playing Card Company, among others.   These cards, apparently subsidized by USPCC and others companies, dominate the field.  Leave it to master collector Jay Hunter to discover the intersection between these two apparently disparate threads.   And that intersection is found, here, on this single, fabulous pasteboard.  

The face of this card depicts a young, tuxedo-clad Thurston, famous enough that he need not say that he's a magician.  The card simply reads "good luck, Thurston."   And the back is a Bicycle "Expert" back, one of the company's original designs.  

Many thanks to Jay for another amazing contribution.

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