Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Henry "Hen" Fetsch

This wonderful ad card features a tuxedo-clad Henry "Hen" Fetsch (1912-1961) along with a bunny and a perforated top hat, from which he presumably produced the creature.   A prolific conjuror, inventor, writer and lecturer, Fetch released more than 50 marketed effects, five books and numerous magazine articles.  He contributed effects and routines to classic magic texts, including the Tarbell Course, Bobo's Modern Coin Magic and Annemann's Practical Magic Effects.   The best known of his marketed effects include the word "epic" in their titles, including Fetsch's Rope Epic, Silk Epic and Mental Epic.  He often collaborated with Milbourne Christopher, whom Fetsch met when he joined a Baltimore Boy Scout troupe in 1926. Fetsch's throwing card, depicted here, is an oversized throwout printed on heavy stock.   The corners are rounded and the back is blank.
From M-U-M, 1952

 A limited edition biography entitled  Fetsching Magic: The Life and Legacy of Hen Fetsch was first released in 2002.

The June 2006 issue of M-U-M featured a terrific tribute to Fetsch and his magic. That tribute ended with this fine epitaph:

"The imprint he left on the magic he loved is distinct and indelible, and his legend and legacy are worthy of rediscovery and being kept alive."
The same photo used on his throwing card
appeared on the cover of The Linking Ring in 1952

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