Sunday, July 9, 2017

A. Coke Cecil

Interesting illusion back design. Leave it to Coke to select something different.

Alphius and Chloina Cecil had a son named Coke Amos Cecil and he was born in 1897. Throughout Coke’s life was filled with magic. He moved to High Point, North Carolina shortly after his father passed away in 1917. He and his wife, Louise were settling down in the house on Rockford Road enjoying their first few years of marriage. Coke opened Cecil’s Drug Store in 1925 and at the same time, he was performing his show at schools, churches, clubs, and fraternity clubs. In 1930, when the census was being taken and Coke changed his name on the census to A. Coke Cecil and that was what he used the rest of his life.

Coke Cecil constructed a theater in his home basement, complete with curtain and stage, with a seating capacity of fifty. In 1946 began the Cecil's Office Equipment Company as owner-manager. He served in sev­eral offices in magic affairs and was well known throughout the area for his performances for charity. It was said he had a great Medicine show vent routine that was a showstopper. He also was interested in the MAES conven­tions, and attended a number of the International Brotherhood of Magicians' conventions. He was on the advisory and show com­mittee of the Southeastern Magicians Convention. Also, he was IBM Territorial Vice President for North Carolina and was well known throughout the area for his performances for charity. He was IBM Member 4879 and a member of Ring 144 Greensboro, NC. At the Davenport, Iowa Convention in 1940, there was a new trophy A. Cecil Coke Trophy being presented for performers (excluding dealers and professionals) who earned most of their living from magic. The first winner of the trophy for best presentation was Robert Parrish.
On his was way home, Coke was returning from Helfin, Alabama with his assistant Barbara Belesky when a car hit Coke’s panel van on June 1, 1958. The other driver and Belesky survived. Unfortunately, Coke did not. He was gen­tleman, magician and friend.

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