Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vernon E. Lux

Vernon E. Lux was born on June 28, 1906 in Rochelle, Illinois. After graduating high school, he got a job in Mt. Morris working for the Kable Printing Company. Vernon stayed with that job for sixteen years. He took the knowledge he learned from his father as editor of a local newspaper (and his personal experience) and created pamphlet The Dragon which from 1932 through 1946. It was the official organ of the International Society of Junior Magicians of which he was the first president and founder. The purpose and directive of the organization is a youth-focused program to promote, educate and enhance the activities of young magicians around the world. Some of the ISJM members include Neil Foster, Jimmy Grippo, and Harry Riser. 

Lux also wrote for The New Tops under the title of Dragon Reincarnate. Vernon was an honorary member of the Society of Indian Magicians, whose headquarters were in Bombay, India. In the 1930’s, Lux created a fun-filled magical performance titled, “In Wonderland”. The show was well taken and loaded with audience participation for all ages.

This is an advertisement for Vernon's performance in 1959.

Besides performing, Lux had a mail order magic business called The L & L Magic Company. Shortly after opening the business, he changed the name to The Lux Magic Studio. He supplied close up magic tricks and larger effects as needed by his customers. In the mid-1940’s, he opened the Dee Lux Shop selling electrical appliances. He also kept his fingers busy by continuing something he learned from his father and that was working a linotype machine (I worked on a linotype machine for one summer for a small town newspaper and I will tell you, it wasn’t the easiest of machines to conquer). Lux kept his printing experience honed by putting out instruction sheets, advertisements, and assisting others with their advertisements. On August 28, 1962, Vernon E. Lux passed away after suffering a heart attack.

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